How to Choose the Right Pre-School

In this day and age there are many types of pre-schools to consider before enrolling your child in one. Parents have the option of Montessori, faith-based, daycare/pre-schools with a curriculum or just simply daycare to name a few.

Each type of school offers something different. Some major differences may include price, location, age of children, and curriculum content. Whether you are looking for a mommies-day-out type of center or concerned about what your child needs to know before entering Kindergarten, it is always important to do your research and compare.

Some important guidelines to follow include:

  1. Who is with my child during the day (parent helpers or teachers only)?
  2. What ratio do they follow for each age group?
  3. Is the content my child is learning age appropriate but still engaging/challenging for them?
  4. Safety- How is the school secured and how do they handle emergencies?
  5. Will the teacher help meet my child’s emotional and educational needs?

Of course there are many more questions that can be asked during a visit to a potential school. Once you know what type of school you are interested in for your child, then you can start asking more center-directed questions. Always do your research first!