With our Mother Goose curriculum, Happy Faces offers small classroom sizes, personal one-on-one instruction with our teachers, space to learn and grow in a safe and fun learning environment, and the knowledge to fully prepare our children for their future educational years.

Click on the program that matches with your child’s age to get a detailed description of each program including activities they do:

Infants – Wiggly Worms: Ages 6 Weeks to 16 Months

Children in our infant program start to explore the world around them. Their physical, emotional, and social needs are met by our teachers holding our infants, talking to them in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language, and engaging in development appropriate activities. Infants learn to grasp objects, make sounds, and show reactions based on teacher interactions.

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Toddlers – Little Ladybugs: Ages 16 Months to 24 Months

Toddlers in this age group start to participate in more structured activities while still learning through observation and free play. They sit down each morning for group circle time which includes singing songs, recognizing friends and teachers, and learning about the calendar, weather, colors, shapes, and animal sounds.

Toddlers start to gain a sense of self by using different art mediums, reading stories, and participating in group play to further develop their social skills and interactions amongst their peers.

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Pre-Kindergarten  1 –  Buzzing Bees: Ages 2-3 Years

This program continues to expand on skills learned in the Little Ladybug room. The Mother Goose Curriculum is introduced to children at this time. Mother Goose follows a monthly curriculum in which your child further develops social skills while adding science, literacy, and math components.

Your child will continue to follow a daily schedule and will also learn to participate in show and share activities, build onto their vocabulary, and learn to express themselves by their wants and needs.

Spanish and American Sign Language are continued in this program and new words are added monthly to your child’s vocabulary.

Teachers encourage independent play with your child’s peers while still sitting with the children to help develop social interactions in a fun and age appropriate way. Each child is recognized as an individual with a personality of their own and our program helps our children to gain the confidence needed to further their future social and educational interactions.

Potty training is also introduced at this time. The age of the child can vary, however we work one-on-one with the child and parent to make potty training a success.

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Pre-Kindergarten II –  Hungry Caterpillars: Ages 3-5 Years

At this age, children are more comfortable with themselves and their learning environment. They have become more confident in interacting with their teachers and peers and vocalizing their needs and wants.

The Mother Goose Curriculum is continued at a more elaborate scale. Children begin to write in daily journals, start to use addition and subtraction, build on science skills, and explore the world around them by learning about scientific discoveries and making observations.

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