Pre-Kindergarten – Hungry Caterpillar

Pre-Kindergarten II – Hungry Caterpillars: Ages 3-5 Years

Every day the children sit down for Mother Goose circle time which features the calendar, colors, shapes, weather, counting, Spanish, and American Sign Language. After participating in circle time, children break off into their small groups and work on the art project for the day. Mother Goose has a subcategory pertaining to the overall theme each day and the craft project is completed based off of this smaller theme (for example: The monthly theme is nursery rhymes and the daily theme is “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” in which the children will create a craft project based on this rhyme).

The Mother Goose Curriculum allows children to explore the world around them while learning to be conscious of environmental needs, building friendships with their peers, develop reasoning skills, math/literacy/science skills, and the ability to make an informed observation or opinion based on information taught to them by their teachers.

Our curriculum provides children the ability to be creative while at the same time instilling core concepts to prepare them for their future educational years after preschool. Our children walk into kindergarten ready to count (in English, Spanish, and ASL), recognize site words, follow directions, write their full names, and share their opinion on topic matters.

Children learn to use conflict resolution with their peers by choosing their words before coming to a teacher for help. Sharing and taking turns are also followed with positive reinforcement and praise for doing a fantastic job throughout the day.

By the time children leave us for Kindergarten, they are prepared for their future educational years not only academically but socially and physically.

Activities include:

  • Show and share.
  • Playing both independently and in a group setting.
  • Science experiments.
  • Counting from 1-100.
  • Name writing and recognition.
  • Communicating in three languages: English, Spanish, and American Sign Language.
  • Dramatic play

At Happy Faces we follow the Mother Goose Curriculum which offers a wide variety of subjects to strengthen children’s motor skills, reasoning skills, social skills, and many more. Each day children focus on arts and crafts, math, science, literacy, and building friendships. With the help of Mother Goose children are introduced to the world around them while preparing them for kindergarten and beyond.

Meet Our Pre-Kindergarten Hungry Caterpillar Teachers

Mrs. Yuri is one of our Lead Teachers in the Hungry Caterpillar classroom. Mrs. Yuri has been at Happy Faces since 2011 and has 6 years of pre-school teaching experience. In the classroom you will find Mrs. Yuri being affectionate and respectful to all staff and children. She has a warm personality which helps her to maintain control of her classroom while developing close relationships with the children on their level. Mrs. Yuri has her HS Diploma, 30 credit hours of state training and is currently working on her associates degree in education. On the weekends Mrs. Yuri enjoys spending time with her daughter and son and watching

Ms. Brielle is a Lead Teacher in our Hungry Caterpillar classroom. She has an Associates Degree from Northern Virginia Community College in Early Childhood Education. Brielle has been a private nanny for many years and is now enjoying working in a pre-school with more children under her care. Brielle loves bringing in new books from the library to share with her students and she encourages a love of learning in each child.

Ms. Illiana is a full time Assistant Teacher in our HC classroom. Illiana attends Northern VA Community College for Early Childhood Education. Illiana is also a floater at HF, and you will see her helping in all classrooms. She is currently working towards becoming a Lead Teacher.

*All of our Hungry Caterpillar teachers are CPR & First Aid Certified.

*Mrs. Yuri & Mrs. Brielle are MAT trained.

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What Parents have to say about the program:

This letter is bitter sweet to write because we are nearing the end of our time with Happy Faces. However, my husband and I wanted to take the time to let you all know how grateful we are to have found such a nurturing environment for our son to grow in. When we came to Happy Faces almost two years ago, our son was coming from an in home daycare environment that was no longer working for him or us. He had started going there part-time when he was nine months old and for a year or so, everything was great, but towards the end he was the oldest child and was quickly being labeled a “problem child”. My husband and I knew that the tension being felt in the home, was beginning to rub off on our son and so we knew we had to do something. We went to several pre-schools looking for the right one and as soon as we met with Mrs. Nayana and toured the facility, we knew that this was the perfect environment for our son. We couldn’t have been more right! The last couple of years have been wonderful and we have had piece of mind each and every day that we leave our son. He went from being the problem to being a happy and well behaved child. He is about to start Kindergarten and can count, knows the alphabet, can write his letters and name, he even surprises us sometimes with how much he has learned. We know that he has been given a great start to his education and was loved and nurtured by all the staff. We truly appreciate everything that Happy Faces had done and if we ever have another child, without a doubt we will be returning!!!