Happy Faces Daycare is a historic home (formerly the Hardee Chambliss House), fully restored into a daycare/pre-school. We offer a high quality preschool curriculum that’s outlined below. Our school is located at 13923 Braddock Road, Centreville, VA 20120, conveniently next to Routes 28 and 29 and only around the corner from I-66.

Happy Faces is a two-level house consisting of four classrooms with ages ranging from 6 weeks to 5 years old. Each classroom consists of 2 to 3 separate rooms in which the children rotate around during the day. This helps them to keep their focus and to always be stimulated by different educational activities each room has to offer.

Our outside play areas consist of an infant-only playground, two fenced-in decks, mulch playground, gazebo area with picnic tables, and an outdoor garden for nature walks and observation.

Happy Faces may look like a normal house from the front, however when you come inside you are immediately drawn to its bright colors, learning materials, and smiling faces. Each one of our staff members enjoys working in a non-commercial and more personal environment due to our unique classroom set-up.

Wiggly Worms: 6 weeks to 16 months

The Wiggly Worms classroom features three separate rooms and an outdoor play area for infants only. The teachers in the room rotate between all three rooms throughout the day in order to provide stimulation, imagination, and age appropriate activities to encourage learning.

Each room features colorful walls, artwork, and pictures. All are designed to encourage your child’s development at a level they find nurturing and fun. Depending on your child’s skill level, your child will either be in the non-mobile room focusing on tummy time, sitting up, or reaching for objects. If your child is crawling or starting to walk then he/she will be on the mobile side which uses tunnel play, small climbing structures, and walking toys for strong leg muscle development.

Our third room features toys, balls, music, books, and an art table to further encourage learning and development. The mobile children use both the mobile (second room) and our third room for playtime and activities. Just like the non-mobiles, they also share the kitchen area which is attached to the non-mobile side of the room for art painting and lunch/snack. Children on the non-mobile side do stay only in their room for safety reasons.

Our outdoor infant playground is equipped with soft tiles to break a child’s fall should they go too fast when walking or trying to climb on a toy. It also features rocking horses, slides, and a play structure with inside tunnel play.

All of our infants use this playground including the children who are non-mobile- they are brought outside on blankets for tummy time and also in either bouncy chairs or jumperoos.

With all three rooms, our infants learn to rotate between activities and become comfortable in new spaces. This helps to prepare them for transitioning to the next age level classroom as well.

Little Ladybugs: 16 months to 2 years

The Little Ladybugs classroom features three rooms and an outdoor play area. The first room is the art/kitchen area. This room features two child-size tables which are used for lunch, snack, and art projects. This is also the room where parents can hang up their children’s bags and jackets. The kitchen area has two refrigerators to put the children’s lunchboxes in as food is provided by the parent as well.

Our second room features our circle time board in which the children go over the days of the week, colors, shapes, numbers, and animals sounds. It features manipulative toys such as puzzles, Legos ™, cars, and musical instruments.

The third room (which is also shared back and forth with the Wiggly Worms room) contains toys, balls, music, books, and an art table to further encourage learning and development.

The outdoor play area is a fenced-in splinter-free deck. The children play with a variety of toys including a club house, riding toys, balls, chalk, and bubbles.

Buzzing Bees: 2-3 Years, Not Potty Trained

Our Pre-K 1 classroom consists of two rooms: The kitchen/art area and the circle time/activity area. Our kitchen area consists of two child-size tables, double refrigerators, and a bathroom to start or help continue the potty training process.

The second room in which the children rotate between is used for nap time, circle time, and activities. Each room features a variety of educational learning toys and manipulates to encourage exploration, playing with others, and sharing.

Both rooms are colorful and feature the children’s artwork which is hung daily. Educational posters can also be found around the room to encourage children to remember what they have learned during the day. These posters feature animals with their names, American Sign Language symbols, the colors in English and in Spanish, and particular shapes and numbers the room has been working on throughout the month.

Children of this age level share the mulch playground with the Pre-K 2 classroom (taking turns, never at the same time). This play area features a slide, bicycles, school bus, monkey bars, bouncy seats, and a spinning cup. Children of this age level are also assisted with these activities to ensure playground safety at all times.

Hungry Caterpillars: 3-5 Years, Potty Trained

Our Pre-K 2 class features three rooms: A kitchen area, circle time/activity area, and an academic room.

The kitchen area features two child-size tables used for artwork, curriculum, and eating. Parents will find their child’s cubbies for taking home their child’s daily work as well as a place to hang up their coats and backpacks. Similar to the other classrooms, this room also features double refrigerators as well as three sinks for hand-washing.

The circle time room features puzzles, building activities, a television for phonics practice, nap time cots, and circular work table. This room has colorful educational rugs which include the United States map for children to learn where they live and to become aware of where people/places live and are in comparison to our home state of Virginia.

Our third room, the Academic Room, features a library, table and chairs, dramatic play, interactive storyboard, and educational learning games for subjects such as math, literacy, and science.

The children in Pre-K 2 rotate between all three rooms throughout the day. Activities and rooms are changed every 30 minutes to encourage growth and development in all areas.

Children in the Pre-K 2 class use the mulch playground and they also have two other outdoor areas: A fenced-in gazebo with picnic tables for lunch outside and a fenced in garden area where children help to plant flowers and vegetables or simply go for a nature walk with their teachers.

Other Areas

Sign-In/Out Room: This room is where parents will find important announcements on the whiteboard and also sign their children in and out every day. For your convenience there is a box located just inside of the door for parents to place their payment in. We encourage parents to check the announcements board daily for Happy Faces news.

Sick Bay/Director Office: Our sick bay is located right next to the Pre-K 2 room upstairs. This room features a sofa and table with chairs. If a child should become sick for any reason, our Director or teacher will sit with your child until you are able to pick he/she up.