About Us

Happy Faces Daycare and Pre-school is a learning environment for your child. Our school is the beautifully restored Hardee Chambliss House which provides the perfect setting for nurturing and developing your child.

As a house, the rooms are not overwhelming, which allows your child to focus on learning, building relationships, and interacting with their teachers.

It is vitally important to us to provide a happy atmosphere where the children and their families feel secure and cared for.

We aim to present learning opportunities in stimulating, diverse, and fun ways so that children leave us feeling confident and well-prepared for school. These activities are provided during free play and through small and large group activities.

Your child’s as well as your peace of mind are our top priorities.  We want parents who are engaged with their children and ones who we can work with as partners in their children’s development.


Hours:  Open Monday thru Friday, 7 AM to 6 PM.

Follows 12 Federal Holidays per calendar year.



Meals should be provided from home so parents and children have peace of mind that they’re eating food from home and from their cultural background. We always warm food if needed and prepare older children for school by having brown bag lunch day

Closing Policy:

We follow Fairfax County Public Schools on the first day they are closed, and after that we will make our own decision if we can open.

Registration Information:

Happy Faces Daycare offers competitive pricing as we understand how expensive daycare can be for our families. We offer a low registration fee of $75.00, which holds a spot for your child in our school and once started, we require a one week deposit.

Daycare/School Information:

  • Our children follow the Mother Goose Curriculum – feel free to follow along as your child learns!
  • We provide part-time and full-time care and half days for older infants – we are flexible if needed with extra days.
  • Children and families create bonds with school long-term as they grow together.
  • Summer camp in July and August: Special activities are brought to the school for safety.
  • Happy faces was started to not be overwhelming for parents or children. We are one of the smallest schools, so it is a personal care relationship.
  • Colin Powell is the closest elementary school with bus pick ups and drop offs.
  • The building was converted to create a true natural environment of a home, yet conform to Fairfax regulations and codes.
  • Children learn in a home environment that is structured for all safety needs.
  • Life is fast-paced – a child’s day starts the minute they are dropped off to school to when they go home. We need to be able to provide as much as we can to make them feel welcome
  • Happy faces has been in business for over 20 years.

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